lampadinaESSEDI is a software design firm specializing in the fields of Fashion and Textiles.
Founded in the year 1983 as “ESSEDI Soluzioni Informatiche” has developed, since the 80’s, a long experience in Italy and abroad, consolidating lasting relationships with prestigious production companies and with the most important brands of the Fashion world.
Thanks to the technical competence and the passion for experimentation, the activities of the firm ranging in different areas from design to production up to the advisory and commercial level.
Our firm never stops product research in order to be more responsive to customer needs, studying the product for an easy and productive realization regarding ease of use for the end user.
Our strength is due to the long experience, we have gained in thirty-five years, of activity in the Fashion and Textiles sector, providing solutions that integrate perfectly with the needs of clients and also adapting to the end user, keeping as cornerstones the concepts of simplicity and flexibility.




From yarn was born the idea of the “right” style.
Spinning, Weaving and Dyers Finishing creating fabrics appreciated by stylists and designers from around the world, and also high tech materials for other sectors.
From Looms take form the fabric that is finished and sized according to customer requirements.
Everything born from contrast and from the combination of weaving, materials and colors making the most of the constructive possibilities expressed by the technical means used.
Style, research and production but also attention to the environment, thanks to our integrated solutions, everything is under total control.


Style can be considered like a history of civilization in continuous evolution.
The stylists try to create the new trends by proposing new lines that, when agreed to by the majority, become the next “style”.
Everything begins in the sample and prototype department, where from a simple yarn or fabric, the new collections are created.
From the fabric structures to models and variants, all are studied in order to realize the requests of the stylists.
It was the study of fabrics personalised by use of color variations, creating the collection of themes, models, colors and accessories.
Creation of the pattern starts from the basic sketch of the figure and thus the creation of a prototype, later developed for size.
Our integrated software solution provides an optimal control for the Fashion sector, tracking all the passages from the sketch to the finished goods shipment.


The unique effect that the washing, dyeing and garment finishing departments is able to give to each single article is the result of the fruition of excellent professional choices and good taste.
Thanks to these important works one adds colors and creativity to the fashion world, blending our technical solutions with the personality of the greatest stylists of the fashion industry.
We create for these important phases the vertical software solution in order to have under control each sample, prototype and production garment.

Unique solution

Unique solution that follows all the processes of textile and apparel. For both internal production and external (partner/subcontract) everything is tracked.


Covers all the company areas: from the data sheet PDM and PLM to management control, from customer orders to production tracking and from logistics to quality control

PDM PLM (data sheet) product configuration

- Styles, Colors and Sizes
- Sketch management and decision making committee
- Workflow
- Management of unlimited Variants
- Collections, Brand and Seasons
- Multilevel Bill of Materials
- Imaging Management
- Management attachments (pdf, mail, word, excel etc.)
- Information production data (cycle, phase, times etc.)
- Machines setting

Sales and purchases

- Sales
- Merchandising
- Commissions
- Purchases
- Order set up
- Integration with mail and document management
- Payment Schedule of customers and suppliers

Production and Planner

- Advanced Management RFID
- Tracking by Kanban
- Planning and Scheduling (MRP 1st and 2nd level)
- MES Management
- Monitoring and traceability of production
- Data detection / sending to machines
- Management external work (multilevel with infinite contractors)
- Extraction and application into production
- Recipes and Treatments
- Plant and Machinery Maintenance
- Tools and Support Services

Logistics and Picking

- Supply Chain management
- Routing arrivals
- Managing lots of raw/unrefined materials
- Lots situation and warehouse customers
- Inventory Control of all distribution points
- Management locations
- RFId and/or Barcoding
- Management semi finished
- High-Tech advanced Picking availability
- Quality control system
- Management of complaints and product replacements


- Marketing
- Document management
- Customer and Supplier Price Lists
- Tracking and advancement of orders and purchases
- Historical visibility on demand
- Total financial analysis


- Estimated and final product cost
- Processing costs at subcontractors level
- Product reject disposal/ rework and production resumption visibility
- Profitability processing data
- Customer profitability data
- Productivity data

Vertical solutions for specific areas

ERP integrated and dedicated to the Textile Apparel and Shoes industry
Designed for flexible and integrated management of the company.

Production planning, tracking and control

Our software allows you to manage production inside or outside (third parties), allowing you to monitor the status of completion and the traceability of each individual piece.


Scheda Tecnica 1Configuration and Data Sheet (PLM and PDM)

Our configurator allows management and complete configuration from prototype to finished product. From the sketch made by the creative presentation to the customer or to the sales force, all in an integrated manner. We create the BOM (Bill of Materials or components) which is linked to the stages/phases and to operational information for each item, size and variations. Offers integrated management of all the technical information of the product: design, sketches, table sizes, models, materials, placed placement, processes, consumption, operations, etc ....

I PAD mobile and tablet

Mobile and tablet

Mobile solution to support business processes and control with the market through the provision of mobile services. All your company in one click

planningSchedule and Planner

The planning and scheduling system allows you to optimize the use of resources (raw materials, semi-finished goods, labor and equipment/machinery) in order to maximize the level of service to customers in terms of speed, flexibility and respect of the delivery dates.
Allows production planning and scheduling to capacity finite or infinite, in a simple, fast and automatic way.


D-Label is a new application to manage Labels Compositions in an easy, practical, innovative and error free way with regards to international laws and regulations.
The system follows European, American and Japanese regulations, with easy access to the various National Fashion Chambers and is kept up to date regarding any changes in legislation.
Multi company management (importer and/or exporter), multi-brand, product number, size, parts, fiber composition, lot, bar code and also active with the innovative RFID and Unicode system.
The software includes translations in more than 60 languages for compositions, parts, components etc. and management of all types of washing symbols with translations.



Textile, Apparel and Laundry identification can be greatly enhanced through RFID technology.

Attaching RFID tags to garments, socks, fabrics, uniforms, sheets, mats, etc. used for tracking allows any questions of ownership and inventory location to become unambiguous.
Apparel and Textiles can be tracked as they move through and between facilities allowing for rapid identification, automated sorting and error-free processing.
This allows plants to maximize the use of their human resources and plant where they are most needed, and charge properly for inventory consumption.
Essedi offers Software and Hardware already tested and running error free in other Apparel and Textile industries, for fast operation with the use of RFId tecnology.

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